The Pringle of Scotland Madisyn Hobo on Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Waers Madisyn HoboHollywood stars such as Jessica Alba have been seen with the gorgeous Pringle of Scotland Madisyn Hobo bag draped over their shoulders. Rachel Bilson has also joined the bandwagon.


Rachel Bilson was spotted with fiancée Hayden Christensen at the LAX, about to get on a flight to France. The actress is known for her great taste in handbags, and with the Pringle of Scotland Madisyn Hobo bag as her traveling bag of choice, you canít help but be drawn to it.


Some peopleís first impression of this bag is that they donít understand why itís worthy to be worn by the celebrities. The slate blue colored bag doesnít seem to stand out very muchóespecially now that itís the summer season. However, you need to take a closer look at it to appreciate it.


The Pringle of Scotland Madisyn Hobo bag is crafted from plisse eel skin, which makes it quite exotic. The detail at the front of the bag is a basket weave design, along with a fun tab closure further accentuated with a bus strap. The bagís measurements are roughly 17 x 15 x 6 inches, and can easily be carried with a single shoulder strap.


One thingís for sure: this bag is modern and chic. Its timelessness makes it a great investment for your wardrobe.

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