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Anuschka hand bags (that started out as the Basu Group) started manufacturing leather bags and accessories in 1984. It was 1988 when they first introduced their hand painted range and merchandised their products through Botary and Brit Rosen. Anuschka, established in 2000 is a unique compilation of designer hand bags that combine art and functionality. These hand bags are crafted from soft cow leather that is guaranteed to be of superior quality. The variety of sizes and styles offer a wide array of hand bags that can suit any woman’s preference. And colors are one aspect of Anuschka bags that cannot be disregarded. These bags are ultimately a feast for the eyes with their trademark hand painted designs.  The colors of these bags alone bring out a powerful element through their style and arrangement. The abstract, the imaginary, the natural are just some aspects depicted in some of Anuschka’s creations. Natural elements are also common in Anuschka’s collection. The muted colors do their job by transforming this piece of art into one practical accessory. And with its wide appeal to women, it just makes sense that this one brand caters to those who love hand bags whether for business or leisure.

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Anuschka Handbag

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Anuschka Large Shopper in Earth Song

Anuschka Large Shopper in Earth Song

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