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Made from the best Italian leather, Brahmin hand bags have had several successful collections under its belt. Having been in business for 20 years, the brains behind Brahmin ( a term used in Boston in the 1800s which actually is used to describe a cultured person from a well established upper class family) have managed to produce exquisitely beautiful leather bags known for their superior quality, fashionable aspect, practicality and durability that compliment classic American design. The founders, namely Bill and Joan Martin decide to name their brand as such to epitomize the pride one person will have in owning a product created by them. Not only are Brahmin hand bags efficient and functional, they are also quite affordable. At $ 400 at best, these hand bags are truly reasonable. Their bags are the result of a unique blend of embossed crocco Italian leather and not so common colors that result to such products like the Black Tuscan hand bag. The rich leather is tapered with a cognac that makes up the traditional Brahmin tapestry collection. The exotic blend of caramels with Italian crocco nonetheless produces the sought after Toasted Almond handbag collection that is also one to keep an eye out for. Some of their other collections are:  the Melbourne, the Sea isle, Florence ant etc.

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Brahmin Handbag

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Brahmin Clara Hobo

Brahmin Clara Hobo

Price: $90.00
Buy It Now: $175.00
Time Left: 54m
Brahmin Brown Morrison Melbourne Shoulder Bag??

Brahmin Brown Morrison Melbourne Shoulder Bag??

Price: $189.00
Time Left: 1h 28m

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