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To ensure that quality beats quantity, Brighton hand bags all go through a 20 step process where it under goes certain methods that ensure its excellence and functionality. These hand bags that are hand crafted in California are labors of love as craftsmen who are skilled artisans work on these bags individually. By using the best leather in the world, Brighton artists guarantee that what they offer is amongst the top of the line. If that is not enough for you, the proud owner of such a hand bag even can register his product to insure the bag’s longevity. Aside from being adorned with exquisite silver- plated designs, the Brighton heart logo in itself is one assurance of how much the company stresses the importance of detail. Items by Brighton have different unique detailing, such as having a different message engraved that gives new meaning to a prized possession. Available in 6000 specialty stores nationwide from the East to the West coast, Brighton hand bags have been one to make women swoon over their collection. Some of their well known hand bags are the Millie Organizer, the Jodi Reversible Tote, Bijoux Quilted zip top, the Darcy zip top and the Loretta.

Brighton Handbag

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Vera Brighton Purse

Vera Brighton Purse

Price: $30.00
Time Left: 2h 8m
Brighton wristlets

Brighton  wristlets

Price: $11.99
Time Left: 2h 59m

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