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Coach’s Carly signature hand bags are sure to wet the appetite of any fashionista. With its sassy high quality design, it can actually become a staple over those one time big time hand bags from other brands that are worth too much. This stylish bag features the famous C logo jacquard fabric all over the cotton canvas which is ingeniously balanced with leather trim on th top, straps, bottom corners and of course the sides. The neutral colors which this bag is available in are actually a great option during summer time. But do not worry as the classic design in itself (which is definitely not boring) is good to last through out all the seasons. The look is modern yet classic, high end but still youthful. The shape is actually relaxed with ample space inside. This bag also features multiple pockets, including an interior zip pocket and one for the mobile phone. Attached to the bag are a key chain and a strap made of 100 % leather. To top off this perfect bag are a zip top enclosure and a turn lock detail. Fully lined inside, you are sure that purchasing the Carly signature hand bags are worth it.

Carly Signature 

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