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Chanel is a Parisian fashion house that was founded by the late Coco Chanel who was recognized as one of the few that epitomized couture. She stressed the importance of the basics by incorporating it into class and originality to promote luxury. The House of Chanel is described as timeless, elegant and of course universal. And just as iconic as the brand is, their classic flap bag has become as well known as the brand itself. More often than not, more women yearn to have at least one classic Chanel flap bag in her purse collection. Modern yet classically appealing, it is no wonder why it has been known all over the world. But just like some other memorable pieces, it is normal for something lasting to undergo certain little innovations. The Chanel classic flap bag merely had gone through an exotic make up. Aside from being embroidered with pearls by La Maison Lesage, the leather also is now made up of Alligator hide. This ultimate luxurious hand bag is one top of the line when it comes to Chanelsís classic flap bags. Aside from being its timeless characteristics, the detail is actually very intricate, even atop of such alligator skin.

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Chanel Sky Blue Caviar Classic Wallet on Chain

Chanel Sky Blue Caviar Classic Wallet on Chain

Price: $2,390.00
Time Left: 37m
Auth CHANEL Hand Bag Burgundy Lizard Leather Vintage

Auth CHANEL Hand Bag Burgundy Lizard Leather Vintage

Price: $695.00
Buy It Now: $2,400.00
Time Left: 42m

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