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The Dooney and Burke collection is one of the best selling designer hand bags of the year. Chiara Dooney’s bags have a wide bottom with a draw string that goes to the top for easy carrying. All of their bags also have the famous Dooney & Burke logo silver plate on the inside. One more feature that Dooney & Burkes’ hand bags are known for are their impeccable design and superior quality.  But similarities aside, certain bags from this designer offer striking varieties. While some other hand bags may look conservative and classic, some will definitely make you do a double take as they look like they are definitely on the wild side. Two of their best selling hand bags of the year are the Zebra Chiara and the Patent Leather Chiara. The Zebra Chiara, in contrast to popular belief comes in different colors aside from the zebra staple which is black and white. Examples of different color combinations are white and yello and fuschia and white. The Patent Leather Chiara is also one colorful tote. You can find it in tons of diffirent shades from deep rich colors to light and breezy pastels. Also available in different sizes, it basically is one rather relatively sized hand bag.

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dooney and bourke black hobo shoulder bag

dooney and bourke black hobo shoulder bag

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Dooney bourke handbags beige brown

Dooney bourke handbags beige brown

Price: $25.00
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