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For 75 wonderful years, Fendi has been producing some of the best hand bags in the market that have lead this fashion brand to become such an icon in the fashion industry. Hand bags made by Fendi are well established because of their fine craftsmanship and precise attention to detail. Aside from that, Fendi hand bags are also stylish enough that they incorporate a classic style with modern innovation. In terms of popularity though, Fendi is no doubt still one of the more desired hand bags sold in the market to date. With the recognizable design, it is no wonder why celebrities consider this hand bag a must have. A Fendi hand bag is most sought out that its price has sky rocketed to about $ 30, 000 just for the demand. This expansive  hand bag that costs more than an arm and a leg is described to be a vintage that has a short shoulder strap that is carried under the arm. Shaped like a French baguette, itís no wonder why it was named such. There are still cheaper Fendi bags out there ranging from $ 1, 000 to $ 3, 000. Fend bags and accessories may seem expensive but if you decide to invest in a certain piece, make it Fendi.


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Fendi Logo Handbag

Fendi Logo Handbag

Price: $350.00
Time Left: 56m
Fendi Black FF Calf Hair Leather Shoulder Bag Italy

Fendi Black FF Calf Hair Leather Shoulder Bag Italy

Price: $240.00
Time Left: 1h 3m
Pre-Owned Women's Vintage Fendi Doctor Handbag

Pre-Owned Women's Vintage Fendi Doctor Handbag

Price: $200.00
Time Left: 1h 8m

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