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Recognized throughout the whole world, Louis Vuitton is known for his fabulous design and product quality. But what is the history behind his claim to fame? In the early 1800’s, Louis Vuitton who was a trained luggage packer for a wealthy Parisian family was appointd by Napolean III to pack Empress Eugenie’s dresses. With his apt skill in creating such beautiful luggage, he began to design one fit for royalty. It was in 1854 when Vuitton replaced his luggage business with his hand bags. Originally, the Noe bags he created were to carry about 5 bottles of champagne. But to his surprise, that bag suddenly became popular and it was not long before he saw women carrying his creation as an elegant hand bag. It was in 1896 when the famous Louis Vuitton monogram was launched to tackle the immense replicas his competitors were marketing. That monogram that is still famous today is a logo made from the intersection of his initials L & V that is finished with a curved beige diamond accompanied by a 4 point star intes. Still known today after 3 centuries for the quality of their luxurious hand bag creations, Louis Vuitton has definitely made his mark.

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