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Messenger bags also known as courier bags is a type of bag, that is usually made out of some kind of cloth, natural or synthetic it is usually worn over the shoulder with a strap that winds up around the chest more like those used by post mans to deliver their mails. Most messenger bags are often use by messengers delivering mail, although it is hard to spot them in urban areas.

Similar to those of traditional backpacks, these messenger bags ensure comfort and ease while travelling to people who carry huge loads of heavy items.  Messenger bags have a unique feature that separates them from the rest; most of them are popular among cyclists. They are easy to adjust the shoulder strap, have quick release buckles, incorporate a hinge buckle and lastly they can be attached with a variety of accessories like lights, U-locks,  holsters just to name a few.

While most people consider them to be useful in the fields of transportation and communication it is also been used as a fashion accessory. They can be fashionable in most urban environments among commuters. Not to mention even to those high-school and college students that does not only used them as a fashion statement but also useful for functional purposes. 

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