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You may have seen the horse with a guy riding at the back carrying a stick? Well, you guess it right it’s Polo Ralph Lauren brand.

You may not know it but they also have a unique array of fashion wear to choose from. Since Ralph Lauren’s first launch of the Polo brand in 1967, they have added a new wide array of luxury brands and these include Purple Label, Black Label, Collection and Pink Pony.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Pink Pony, these include majority of their products offered in pink most especially their pink hand bags that are usually their best sellers. Introducing another first from the Pink Pony comes the new Mini Pink Pony Handbag. Created in support of the Pink Pony charity fund, half of your payment goes to charity. Designed with a sturdy cotton canvas and trimmed down with a dash f pink and embossed with a “Ralph Lauren” leather tag makes it a best handbag for many. The front end of the bag is well decorated with a Big Pony symbol of commitment of the company to ward of cancer. Not only that, purchasing this bag alone gives you the feeling that not only it gives you a fashion statement wherever you go but also you help save lives.

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Maurizio Tauiti Pony Skin Zebra Print Purse New

Maurizio Tauiti Pony Skin Zebra Print Purse New

Price: $30.00
Time Left: 3h 51m
LAURA Di MAGGIO Pony Hair Leather purse.

LAURA  Di MAGGIO  Pony Hair  Leather purse.

Price: $200.00
Time Left: 4h 25m

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