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Prada hand bags are one sure fire investment. But if you are planning to buy one you can pass on as an heirloom, do you have an idea which Prada hand bag is considered to be the best?  The 3rd best Prada bag is called the Prada Bowling. It looks timeless which means it can last you through out all the wear and tear of the seasons. Another great thing about this tote is its 2 small handles that come in different colors and style. And it being boxy enough allows you to have a sizable room that can hold more than what you need. It comes in tons of different colors you can choose from. The 2nd one doesn’t have a name. Referred to as BR2375, this one if made for total luxury. Made from Buffalo leathe, this bag is surprisingly soft to the touch; It has a push lock closure and a back flap that folds over in front. The metal face plate of course says Prada. The last, but definitely not the least is the shopper leather tote. At $ 1000 a piece, this tote is simple yet elegant, even if you are just shopping around. With this Prada shopping bag, you will be making a statement no matter where you go.

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Prada Milano Dust Bag White

Prada Milano Dust Bag White

Price: $22.99
Time Left: 37m
Prada Tessoto Leather Front Pocket Bag EUC

Prada Tessoto Leather Front Pocket Bag  EUC

Price: $229.99
Time Left: 59m

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