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The Scribble lime by Coach couldn’t get be too popular to many of us. Scribble handbags are simply the best when it comes to designs. Handbags by Scribble are always the most popular replicated designs by Coach and also the best when design is being talked about.

Before you head off and go shopping you must know first how these Scribble handbags are truly authentic or not. First to consider in shopping for Scribble handbags is to look for the price tag. Scribble bags that are price too cheap are likely to be a fake. Coach products do not sell their products cheap. The second thing to look into is the Coach logo, the logo should be lined up perfectly. Coach doesn’t makes logo a little bit sloppy, the C logo should be in perfect alignment and should not be crooked off. If you’re not sure, try talking to a salesperson to check if your handbag is authentic.


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Coach Bag - Muti Color - Scribble - Large

Coach Bag - Muti Color - Scribble - Large

Price: $89.99
Time Left: 4h 32m

Coach Scribble handbags are known worldwide to be affordable and be luxurious all at the same time. Fashion doesn’t need to be expensive and that to be cheap. Scribble handbags are in middle ground, they are not expensive and yet they still remain to be luxurious and fashionable as ever.

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